I Redesigned My Old Room & I Feel Completely Refreshed

I’ve been showing my room makeover process all over social and now I want to explain the why; why did I do it and why was it so important for me to do it.

One of the elements of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness is environmental wellness. This can mean exposure to the great outdoors, the area you live in, or even the rooms you spend the most time in.

For the sake of this post, I really want to dive into that last element: rooms you spend the most time in.

You see, my environmental well-being was hurting. At the height of the lockdown, I think we all were feeling that; families moving back home, trying to cook over one another and share the television again. Our environment, our home, the place we consider a safe space, was overcome with stress and challenge.

I had been half-moved into my home for about 6 months. (I like to say "half-moved" because I haven't unpacked everything from school; I keep it nestled throughout the house ready for the moment I am able to get out...she said lovingly.)

The only space I had to myself was my room; a room that was decorated with knickknacks of my youth, clutter, and a non-corresponding design.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel so fortunate that I was able to come home to a spacious, wifi-included house. It’s just this house isn’t mine; it’s my parents. And my room, my one space, had my mother’s décor (or Band-Aids as she described it) with my bright purple walls and angel figurines from my 1st Holy Communion (from 3rd grade).

It was on a Wednesday that I found myself staring at my chaotic dresser that resembled my state of mind that I decided to completely clean, redesign, and declutter my room.

An hour later, I was picking out paint colors in Sherman Williams.

Although it may seem like an overly spontaneous decision, I knew it was needed for a long time. It was something that came out of my Find You Ace Assessment results and my Self-Audit Activity. I was reluctant to it because it just felt like A LOT of work.

But, as they say, no pain no gain. Or, no pain no Gaines as I worked to emulate Joanna Gaines through the process. *excuse me for self-laughter*

I had to put my well-being first because I could; I hadn’t started my full-time job yet so I had time. It may have hurt my posting consistency, but I needed it for me.

Through the process, I found SO MUCH fulfillment in conjunction with a healthier environmental well-being.

I found intellectual well-being researching designs and working with bulky, unique furniture. I found emotional well-being as the project gave me a sense of newness during this crazy time. I even found spiritual well-being; instead of feeling overwhelmed in my room, I now feel calm and at peace.

The whole process made me proud. I’m a badass lady who did it on her own even if the painting was quite soul-sucking.

I also walked the walk of the blog’s mission through my decision; I worked within my means and towards a stronger well-being, AND I found fulfillment through it.

I hope my spontaneous project can inspire you to not settle with the complacent feelings you may have.

Whether it’s painting new wall art for your room or buying a bouquet of flowers to freshen up your space, I strongly encourage you to find ways to find excitement in your home environment.

It may not be the place you want to be right now, and you may be getting stared down by figurines from 4th grade, but there is always something that can be done to make it a bit more personal to you.

Get creative and spontaneous, and take advantage of those last minute labor day deals!

If you’re curious to see how my room turned out, I have a video coming out on Thursday, September 10th at 6pm. In it I walk through my room piece by piece and explain my approach to creating a room I love.


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