Here Is Everything You Need to Know From Wellness Week

The Ace of All Trades just celebrated Wellness Week on Instagram and Facebook in honor of the blog’s mission. Here is a condensed recap of what happened.

And that’s a wrap on Wellness Week!

This past week, I decided to focus all of the blog’s attention on wellness, specifically the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. To learn the backstory of why I set out on this mission, you can read the introduction HERE.

I took to my social media pages and devoted a day to a specific area of wellness. (Since there are 8 dimensions, I doubled up one day to make it fill a week perfectly.)

But before I share the details of each dimension, I want to make a candid point: I had Wellness Week planned since June, but I was hesitant to follow through with it.

A big pet peeve of mine is when bloggers post a picture of themselves “candidly” frolicking through random greenery with a caption stating something like, “you have the power to make today great.”

Although this isn’t bad advice, it always makes me WINCE. Call me cynical, but why should I be following that person’s advice? Because you can take a good picture that vaguely corresponds with your caption? It all feels superficial.

I went back and forth about Wellness Week. I wanted to promote wellness on my social media, but I didn’t want to be hypocritical and sound like the typical 20-something-year-old “self-assured” and “carefree” influencers.

So, I gave myself parameters:

  • I started from a place of curiosity that led to REAL research.

  • I wrote a legitimate resource from said research (the Find Your Ace Packet) to support the endeavor I wanted to promote.

  • I carried a tone that said, “I don’t have it all figured out. I’m figuring it out, too.” Because that's the TRUTH.

  • I used words like "our wellness” versus "your wellness”.

  • I shared pictures that were relevant to the wellness area to offer inspiration.

  • I was most hesitant to just share pictures of myself but that ultimately felt the most relatable.

All in all, I really tried to make it about my followers and the topics at hand. I wanted that to be clear.

I did receive some messages from people going out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed the content, and that made me really happy. I love to hear your feedback and response to what I write and create. It makes it all worth it. :)

And now, with that PSA out of the way, let’s dive into the contents from Wellness Week!


Here is the rundown of what each day of the week consisted of. I shared…

  1. A post highlighting a specific area of wellness

  2. An infographic detailing what each dimension is (what we often think and what it actually means) and ways we can improve in a day’s time

  3. Some “instant wellness”: basically, a little something you can do right away to promote better well-being

  4. *Bonus material* that included messages from the Ace community and relevant exercises!

If you go to my Instagram: @MsAceofTrades, you can watch my story highlight that goes through most of the stories I included for the week. On my profile, it’s a white circle that says “Wellness Week” with the official title: “8 dimensions”.


For this post, I want to share all of the infographics I created for each dimension. I hand designed each one on Instagram. Yes, I drove myself a little crazy through the process.

My suggestion for you is to save the images to your phone so that you can reference them when you need them. I DO THIS!! The information included is worth saving for when you feel like one dimension is really lacking.

Check it out, friend! Scroll through.


As I described above, each day I included little tidbits to offer ideas on how my followers could improve their wellness right as they read my story. This offered an interactive element so that followers had more motivation to do something instead of just reading and tapping forward.

Here’s what I got:

I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who followed along!

I don’t make this material for my health… although I sort of do because I use the insights I collect… but I definitely don’t spend 3 hours making 3 graphics for my health lol.

For the sake of my personal health and work-play-rest balance, I’m going to (pretty much) take this next week off. In the meantime, please feel free to share the materials with your followers to inspire better health for your peers.

My voice with a handful of followers isn’t enough; I encourage you to pass the information along. It may really make a difference for someone.

Have a wonderful week, and continue to evaluate your dimensions! I’m rooting for you.


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