The Origin of the Ace of All Trades

It was day 12 of the Coronavirus Quarantine, and I found myself creating an Excel spreadsheet that would auto populate what vegetables were in season.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I remember looking at my computer when the spreadsheet was complete and saying to myself, “I just spent 4 hours creating something that lists 'potato, carrot, and celery.'”

It felt like it was time to shake things up.

So, I baked my little heart out and devoured fatty, gluten-free foods - yes, that exists -, but I felt a familiar tug for expression and connection.

I took to Instagram to fill the void. I posted stories of copycat GF Auntie Anne’s pretzels and horrifyingly embarrassing yet ballin’ videos of my celebrity impressions. (Over half my followers viewed them so not too shabby, Mom.)

What came of it? A desire to bring back the Campus Ace.

There was something so fulfilling that came with putting my energy into things I could share with others. Whether it was my own version of Baked by Melissa cupcakes, my Campus Ace college packing list, or an account of my struggles with personal setback, I felt like it was worth it to put my ideas out there. I wanted to inspire others through simple joys, thoughtfulness and honesty. AND have fun with it.

The problem: I couldn't continue to be the Campus Ace because I was about to graduate from college.

I pondered the idea of reworking the meaning behind the blog. Can I just make campus synonymous with my new life…? Yeah, no. That wasn’t going to work.

For days (weeks) I contemplated what I wanted my new mission to be. What was my niche? What could I bring to the table that would be different from all the other bloggers on the internet?

After a TON of self-reflection, I realized that I am obsessed with grasping at every inch of my potential. I try new hobbies all the time to see what I am capable of. I make it a priority to use my time for the betterment of myself, not the detriment.

I am on this constant journey; a journey to find my ace.

And to that, the Ace of All Trades was born.

I think we all crave fulfillment in our lives. While media entertainment outlets provide stimulation, they also allow us to follow a narration outside of our own; an escape from who we are.

I want you to reclaim who you are and what you can do.

The Ace of All Trades blog is all about keeping your own narration. It is about taking control of the means you have available to you and making the most of this life. It is about finding the proper balance between work, play, and rest, and understanding why that is so important.

The blog's channel in reaching this endeavor is through hobbies and productivity. The research is clear that by allowing yourself time to create and experience life outside of work, you WILL find a more fulfilling life. Through the blog, I am working to inspire you to claim this endeavor as your own.

You have the potential to become an ace. We all do.

What I find so compelling about the mission of "becoming an ace" is that it is more about the journey than the title. The term "ace" simply describes the collection of the endless experiences that bring an individual to a place of mastery. With that said, you have to fall in love with the journey, not the goal.

I hope to inspire you to find fulfillment through simple joys. Take the Find Your Ace Assessment to see your current Ace Status, find what inspires you, and continue to get inspired by the blog.

So, go on! Give me a "HELL YEAH!" and start your journey today. I am PUMPED for you to get on board.

And the best part? The Ace of All Trades will be with you along the way.


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