It's Penn State Week, Kiddos!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

This week is all about #HappyValleyAtHome, a series of posts containing ways that you can bring a little Penn State into your home. I will be sharing ideas every day to inspire my fellow Penn Staters, especially recent graduates, to reflect and celebrate their Penn State roots.

When I plan content for this blog, I put it into 3 different buckets: inspiration, resources, and Ace’s random ideas & projects.

The #AceOnAce series was for inspiration, and the recent Hobby Holy Grail YouTube playlist was a resource. I felt like it’s been some time since I’ve shared that third bucket content with you.

So, this week you’re getting a FULL dose of the wide-ranging ideas that pop into my head, and it’s all tied around one central theme.

It’s Penn State Week, BABY.

I graduated from Penn State around the height of the pandemic, and, frankly, it was pretty devastating. I remember feeling so deflated sitting in my family room, watching the blue band virtually play the alma mater for my last time as a PSU student.

Leaving on that note was…not fun. But it got me thinking.

When I started to develop this blog, I had this thought that I could create a week of fun ideas for my fellow Penn Staters who miss Happy Valley, especially the students who graduated and have no idea when or if they will be able to go back.

For the past month or so, I have been jotting down things I’ve done and what other Penn Staters have done to bring Penn State home.

This week I am finally sharing this with you.

You can expect A LOT of copycat recipes (I tie emotions to food) and other fun ideas you can do at home and share with your college friends.

[To anyone who did not go to Penn State, trust me you will still LOVE the recipes.]

To anyone that went or goes to Penn State, I hope you can find some inspiration to celebrate your time in Happy Valley. I can’t bring back Friday Night’s at Champs with My Hero Zero, but I can inspire you to reminisce on a time held dear to your heart.


DAY 1: PSU Eats: Cozy Thai Bistro's Pad Thai Copycat Recipe.

View HERE.

DAY 2: PSU Scattergories Lists.

Available on all social media platforms; pin HERE.

DAY 3: PSU Eats: Sowers Harvest Café's Chipotle Bacon Egg Sandwich Copycat Recipe.

View HERE.

DAY 4: 25 Ways to Celebrate PSU at Home.

View HERE.

DAY 5: PSU Eats: The Field Burger & Tap's Burger, Fries, & Shake Copycats.

View HERE.

Wrap-Up: The PSU Podcast No One Asked For.

View HERE.

Pass along the inspiration, and share the posts with Penn Staters using the #HappyValleyAtHome!

Enjoy the content, guys. WE ARE.

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