Missing Penn State? Here are 25 Ways to Bring Penn State Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

PSU Week continues with tangible ideas to celebrate Dear Old State while quarantining at home. Wherever you live or whatever your Q status is, if you bleed blue and white, this list is for you.

I remember learning in my Stress Management class that there are 5 stages to grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

After being essentially kicked out of college (understandably for the sake of the greater good), I’m not entirely sure where I fall on this timeline. I guess I should’ve listened more in that class, but I know it’s not at acceptance.

This is why I created a Penn State Week on my blog. I’m not over it, and my feeling is that I can’t be the only one who isn't.

Because of this, I put together a list of ideas for you to commemorate, honor, and drink to your time at Penn State.

Get inspired, share it with friends, and let me know if you complete any of the items using #HappyValleyAtHome.

Here are 25 things you can do to celebrate and live out your Penn State journey.

  1. Watch this video.

  2. And this video.

  3. Try to recreate your favorite Penn State grub. You can find my gluten-free-friendly PSU copycat recipes HERE.

  4. Pull up an old THON line dance on Youtube and dance your little heart out. Here's 2020.

  5. Besides sending "What *blank* are you?" instagrams and funny TikTok videos, have you talked to your college friends recently? Give your friends a call and catch up.

  6. Create a bangin’ Penn State playlist. Add your favorite pregame belters, stalk State College performers’ Spotify listings, and don’t forget to add the Blue Band. Who didn’t love waking up to them living in East freshman year??

  7. Have your own Penn State tailgate. Grill some stickies, play some stump, and drink “some” alcohol.

  8. Go ahead, order some creamery to help you through the separation. They will ship it to you!

  9. Play Penn State Scattegories with your friends. You can find the lists HERE.

  10. Attend your own Penn State Bar Crawl. Designate each room of your house as a different bar with the bar’s signature drink. Dirty sprites at Champs with the Jo Bros queued, Adios MF at the Gaf with karaoke, and, of course, and LITs in the Basement.

  11. Listen to Big Booty on repeat; specifically, Vol. 11 because we all know that one is the best.

  12. Support local State College businesses. McClanahan’s, Harpers, and other local shops have online stores.

  13. Get some of your favorite Penn State photos printed to decorate your room, make a photo book of your time at PSU, or a shadow box with all of your Penn State Football student tickets.

  14. Write a journal entry of all of your fondest Penn State memories. The more time that goes by, the less you'll remember so you'll appreciate it in the years to come.

  15. Now this one's specific: within your college friends group, write a list of predictions for 10 years from now about each other. Share your predictions through Google Drive but change the font of your predictions to white. One person can compile a list and all can set reminders in their phones for 10 years from the time they are written.

  16. To those who haven’t graduated yet, create a Happy Valley bucket list for when you get back and make sure you don’t forget about it! As we all are realizing, the present is precious.

  17. Missing the weekly downtown farmer’s market? Research your area for a local market, and buy some flowers to decorate your room. Or, if you’re feeling motivated, get fresh produce and make an awesome dinner.

  18. Feeling a little butt hurt about how the year ended or how PSU is handling the transition back? Write a letter to the Penn State administration and make your voice heard.

  19. Reach out to a professor that made an impact on your college career. Especially @RecentGrads, don’t lose that mentorship just because we didn’t have the proper opportunity to ask for it.

  20. Read old THON letters from your friends and family. If you didn't receive one, maybe you wrote one for someone else. Read that.

  21. Make PSU-themed Cornhole Boards for your future tailgates or gift it to someone else. I’ve actually heard about a lot of people aspiring to do this recently.

  22. In honor of the cancelled 2020 Movin’ On Festival, why not make a playlist of the billed artists or find one that already exists?

  23. Do you have a bin full of cut-up Penn State game-day tees, tanks, and other variations? Go through your PSU gear and keep what will last and toss what won’t. If you realize you don’t have anything that is good quality, buy a sweatshirt that will last you a lifetime (noted from personal experience).

  24. Buy the most ratchet pizza in your town and load up on some Ranch. Or maybe we can just leave Canyon behind…

  25. Give yourself a Webster’s Day. Start your day early, make a cup of coffee or tea, find a space free from distraction (closets are not off-limits), sit (not lay), and be productive. You probably don't have an exam to cram for, so read a book, brainstorm your first business venture, do some research on something nonsensical. As Cady Heron taught us, “the limit does not exist.”

Feeling bored in quarantine with fewer and fewer Netflix options? Check out my 99 Unique Things to do in Quarantine post for some fun ideas.

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