Introducing the Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan was developed to be a tangible tool for individuals seeking fulfillment through leisure activities.

You guys! I am so proud and PUMPED to introduce the Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan.

After weeks of development, the packet is finally ready to get onto your desktop or into your hands. This is my FREE resource for you!

You may be wondering, what does find your ace even mean? Well, I’m so happy you asked!

The packet’s objective is to clearly explain just that. However, to sum it up sweetly, it means finding activities in life that make you feel inspired. Partaking in such activities put you on your way to becoming an Ace.

That’s a pretty hefty objective, but I’ve got it simplified into 4 main components:

1. Ace Status - This component consists of an Ace Evaluation. Think of it as one of those corny, old-school magazine quizzes that make you irrationally excited but you'd never admit it. I am a believer in that you need to know where you are today before you can set goals for where you want to be.

2. Ace Importance - This section helps you understand why hobbies and leisure activities matter. What you may consider a fulfilling hobby may be more deceiving once you read the various hobby classifications.

3. Ace Fulfiller - This is where your ideas meet the page. This section walks you through a thought exercise to help you find new activities, or variations of activities you already enjoy, to carry you on your Ace Journey.

4. Ace Plan - The last phase details some tips and tricks on how to create and follow through with a plan to find your Ace. Included are the habits that have brought me to where I am on my Ace Journey.

To receive the Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan, subscribe to the blog and it will be sent right to you!

Go ahead, and dive into it. Quiz your mom, sister, brother, or cousin on their Ace Status. Have a wine night with friends and compare the hobbies that you found inspiring.

I am SO passionate about this because it is inspired by ideas and habits that have changed my life.

So, why not today? Make this the day you reflect on your personal wellbeing and make a change for the better.

Join me for the first step. I am so excited where it will take you.

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