The Ultimate YouTube Playlist to Inspire Your Next Hobby

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired or tired of watching friends break the quarantine, check out my Hobby Holy Grail playlist on YouTube. The playlist consists of 20+ hobby videos spanning a diverse selection of hobbies.

From my awkward, DIY-obsessed adolescence to my venturesome yet wellness-centered adult life, I have journeyed into the depths of YouTube to find some of the best hobby content.

When I first jumped on the idea to create this post, I visited some of my old YouTube playlists with titles like “TO DO’s!!!” and “DiY.” I was then flooded with memories of recreating Bethany Mota’s bow DIY tutorial and writing lists of products from Ingrid Nilsen’s beauty routines.

If you are familiar with either of those names, congrats!! You, like myself, were probably swayed into purchasing a lot of items you didn’t need.

Ah, the advent of YouTube influencers…how naïve we all were to their never-ending beauty supply… I digress.

Here’s the deal: I have vetted hundreds of videos over the last ten years on my Ace journey looking for hobby content that is credible, fun, and authentic. I decided to take my “useless” knowledge and share it with you in one, ultimate condensed playlist.

You should know that I organically came across every single video I include on this playlist. To be clear, I did NOT just search for hobby videos only for you to find that the videos are lame and/or useless after the first 10 seconds.

I will also preface with the fact that I am only including one or two videos from each creator. If you find you really like one of the videos, there’s a strong chance I have an entire catalogue of other favorites I could recommend for you to watch.

To avoid the paradox of choice, giving you so many options that you just don’t watch any, I have made the list diverse yet contained.

Here is a breakdown of what hobbies are included in the Hobby Holy Grail playlist.

- Baking

- Bullet Journaling

- Cake Decorating

- Candle Making

- Charcuterie Board Making

- Cooking

- DIYing (i.e. tie dyeing)

- Floristry

- Guided Painting

- Hairstyling

- Hiking

- Makeup Design

- Outfit Design

- Working Out

If you have any videos or channels you find particularly helpful or inspiring that I did not include, please let me know. You can contribute to the community and help a sister out.

The Hobby Holy Grail: CLICK HERE


Each of the videos I selected have a story behind them. You can read some of them below.

Flower Joos

I stumbled across this channel when I began to adore floristry design. What else do I adore? This man. I think John is one of the cutest men in the world, and he makes exquisite floral designs.

He makes the work seem simple. I am so grateful for how he breaks down the assembly of his designs because it empowers you to try.

Gordon Ramsay, Ultimate Cookery Course

This cooking how-to video is on another level than your Tasty and even Food Network videos. Once I became more confident in the kitchen, I began to look for more sophisticated content. These videos include recipes tutorials and kitchen tips.

Gordon Ramsay puts out.

I binge-watched this entire series, so yeah, I highly recommend. It is as entertaining as it is useful. Honestly it’s Gordon, so it’s probably more entertaining than anything.

Ann Lee, DIY Desk Décor

I dug this video out of the depths of my YouTube DIY-obsessed days. If you want to spruce up your work space with a simple DIY, check it out.

Some ideas are better than others, but I actually have photographic proof of me completing one that turned out great so I thought I would share. The marble top was inspired by the video.

Sazan Henricks, Bridal Makeup

For those of you that are NOT GETTING MARRIED, this video is still very relevant. This is the video that I refer to for my current makeup routine for nice events.

If you are getting married, it is just extra relevant then.

Here’s my logic: I, like you probably, have watched A LOT of makeup tutorials on YouTube. I began to see through paid influencers and just wanted something that would LAST and apply well. This video, led by a legitimate celebrity makeup artist, does just that.

I don’t have all of the products exactly, but I do have some. After watching this video a couple of times, I feel confident enough to do my own makeup for my sister’s wedding.

That’s really exciting (and moneysaving).

Food Network, Beatty’s Cake by Ina Garten

Ina is my girl. From the age of 7 when I was baffled by her calm nature in a kitchen to now as a woman who still marvels at the same feat, I swear by a lot of her recipes.

I want to make a special note about this video because it can easily be made GLUTEN FREE.

This is my go-to GF chocolate cake recipe. I have had so many people come up to me and clarify that it is GF because a lot of GF food stinks and this does not. It’s actually indistinguishable.

I typically make it with a standard buttercream frosting as opposed to the chocolate because that is my favorite kind of cake.

Here is a picture from the many times I have made this recipe.

Listen, well, read:

If today’s not your day to order some supplies off of Amazon (who) or jump into a new project (fair), consider just perusing through the playlist for entertainment. Who knows, you might find something intriguing or less intimidating.

I legitimately did, so it’s not a fluke.

Give it a shot! I hope that you all can find value and inspiration that can lead to what??? FULFILLMENT*!!

*To be read as a chorus of children answering in chaotic unison.

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