19 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

Not sure if you should celebrate Halloween this year? Look no further for some *frighteningly* good inspiration. Here is my list of ideas for anyone looking to celebrate Halloween this year in a fun and safe way.

Boo…the pandemic is still happening.

Heading into October, I really thought that Halloween would be cancelled. It didn’t seem COVID-friendly to trick-or-treat or go to costume parties, and I couldn’t imagine a way to have a Zoom Halloween Party that would be nearly as fun as every other year.

But now, as I write this halfway through October, it seems like everyone is taking the “err on the side of caution” into their own hands. Some people are still cooped up in their homes fearing the worst while others are engaging in normal social activities.

Let's face it: we’re all being our own judge on how to proceed with life. I’m not saying this is the right thing – that’s what the CDC is for – but it’s the reality.

So, what happens to Halloween then?

I recently reached out to the Ace Community on Instagram asking for feedback on how and if people plan to celebrate. A good amount of people said that they did not think they would be celebrating, and if I responded to the poll prior to writing this, I probably would’ve said the same.

That’s why I was inspired to create this post giving the community alternative ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020. Just because we can't party does not mean we can't celebrate!

Halloween will look different this year but that creates room for new opportunity. Yeah, yeah; it sounds corny, but bring on the cob!!

Here are my 19 alternative ways to enjoy Halloween this year.


  1. Reverse Trick-or-Treat: dress up, decorate your car and toss candies to front lawns like you’re an 8yr old on a paper route.

  2. Carve pumpkins to the BANGIN AOAT Halloween playlist: pictured below!

  3. Bake Halloween goodies like the fall cookies I made earlier this month.

  4. Create a costume contest bracket: have friends send a picture in costume & post the bracket on social media for followers to complete!

  5. Halloween At Home Painting with a Twist: just follow this pumpkin painting or this cat with pumpkins painting!

  6. Play a Halloween movie drinking game: i.e. every time someone screams in terror, drink your Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

  7. Really go for it with the décor: create a haunted atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

  8. Attempt cosplay & create an all-out character makeup look.

  9. Take a walk through your neighborhood or drive through a different neighborhood to see decorations.

  10. Attempt to watch the horror movie you’ve always avoided by candle light snuggled in a cozy blanket.

  11. Have an *At Home Rocky Horror Picture Show Viewing* / attend a drive-in viewing with the traditional audience interaction: costumes, props, and all: If you're a (Rocky Horror) Virgin, read this.

  12. Make your own Friendly's Monster Mash Sundae (it's a sundae that looks like a cute little monster). If you didn't devour these as a child, check out this link for reference!

  13. Dress up and post a picture on social media: you can still take pride in creating an awesome costume this year, just make it a photo-op like the Kardashians.

  14. Play a prank on a friend / family member: make an eerie phone call or make a surprise outdoor visit in costume - I am not suggesting you dress up as a clown and scare your friends...

  15. Have a horror tv show marathon: watch a season of American Horror Story or, on a lighter note, check out Stranger Things.

  16. Actually read a scary story or listen to an audiobook by candlelight.

  17. Watch a Harry Potter movie marathon and immerse yourself in the theme: watch this HP TikTok for inspiration.

  18. Create a grab & go trick-or-treat display: give kiddos a memorable Halloween with a themed candy station at the end of your driveway with pre-portioned bags of candy.

  19. Have a Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Create a list full of Halloween items & have teams drive around & take pictures of the items.

I created this playlist in 2019 when I COULD NOT find a Halloween playlist where I wasn't skipping for the life of me. DO NOT SHUFFLE! This playlist is in a specific order so that the songs transition seamlessly with an 8 second crossfade. You'll notice my own personal preferences infiltrating the theme (Rocky Horror, Whitney, T Swift, & ABBA) 😊Enjoy.

Feeling bored in quarantine? Check out my 99 Unique Things To Do in Quarantine list HERE.

To be completely honest, I got the idea to create this post but had no idea what to fill the list with.

Every year I love getting dressed up and going out, so this was difficult to create. It's hard to change a loved tradition.

In the end, I think the key to celebrating this year is to try something new and commit; really go for whatever idea you choose.

Like I listed above, if your idea is to watch a Harry Potter movie marathon, create the world of Harry Potter around you. Randomly draw your Hogwarts house from your version of the Sorting Hat while you drink your best version of Butterbeer.

Make it special and memorable.

I have a couple of these ideas on my list of to-do’s, and I hope you’ve been inspired to add some to your list, too. Have a fun and safe Halloween, Aces!

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