A Christmas Scattergories Game for You and Yours

Giving you my Christmas edition of Scattergories for you to enjoy with friends and family, either in person or remote! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’m sitting by the fire with my vanilla chai on this fine Christmas morning writing this quick blog post to wish you a blessed day full of love, joy, and laughter.

I wish I could’ve written more this holiday season, but I’m still trying to find ways to better manage my work-play-rest balance. Now that I’m working full-time, it has posed quite the challenge.

Nonetheless, I am OFF and celebrating today, and I had a spark of inspiration by this warm fire as my bread pudding casserole sits roasting in the oven.

I want to share a fun Christmas game with you that my family has played in the past and will be playing later today; the game cards are literally printing as I type.

It’s Christmas Scattergories! And it requires nothing but the lists you can look at on your phone (that I will provide) and a pen and paper to write – and company and friendly camaraderie, of course.

A little backstory: I have been making Christmas editions of games ever since I was in elementary school. Please entertain yourself with the list; it is EXTENSIVE and, I find, hilarious.

Christmas Scattergories

Christmas Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Christmas Newlywed Game

Christmas Scene It?

Christmas Minute to Win it

Christmas Deal or No Deal

Christmas Loaded Questions

Ace-level Christmas Trivia

Christmas Lights, Camera, Action

Christmas Match Game *yes I religiously watched old school GSN*

Christmas Family Feud

circa. 2012, my pre-photoshop days

I made Christmas Deal or No Deal with stockings I bought from the dollar store. I basically learned PowerPoint macros as a child so my Christmas Family Feud deck would reveal the top answers right when they were guessed.

If you haven’t learned I’m extra yet, I think this will get you there.

Honestly though, this is the stuff I love to do; to get creative, think of silly ideas, and make my family laugh.

So, I am passing that same spirit along to you and yours on this Christmas day. Please enjoy my Christmas Scattergories. ❤️


AOAT Christmas Scattergories
Download PDF • 58KB

The PDF is sized to be printed on 3x5 cards if you'd like to print them out!


You can find the official directions HERE.

If you're intrigued and just want a high-level understanding, here are my brief directions:

  • In my version, there are 5 rounds with a list of 10 *Christmas* categories in each.

  • Each round, you'll have a certain amount of time (decided by group, typically 2 mins) to come up with an item for each category that starts with a specific letter.

  • Google a random letter generator, and you are good to go. (I suggest avoiding E, I, Q, U, X, Z)

  • That's basically it - just don't be a loser and try to use demonstrative adjectives.

I have to go devour this GF casserole now, but have a very merry Christmas, and let me know how the game goes!

I am sending so much love and peace your way today.

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