PSU Eats: Sowers Harvest Cafe's Chipotle Bacon Egg Sandwich Copycat

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

For the second PSU copycat for the #HappyValleyAtHome series, I turned to my favorite breakfast find, the Chipotle Bacon Egg Sandwich at Sowers Harvest Café. This will up your breakfast game, and you won't turn back.

I adore Sowers Harvest Café. I love the warm, welcoming environment, the complimentary fruit-infused water as you wait for your meal, and, of course, the amazing food.

Let me define that amazing for a moment. Sowers carries some of the freshest, most satisfying food I have ever eaten. Honestly.

Their food is locally sourced wherever possible and just about everything is homemade (if not everything). If you find yourself in State College, go get one of their soft pretzels because from what I’ve been told (since I’m GF), they are truly inimitable.

Even without the pretzels, I get my fill with a full GF-friendly menu; breakfast sandwiches, muffins, paninis. Sowers is super allergy-friendly.

And what is my favorite thing to eat every time I go? The Chipotle Bacon Egg Sandwich.

I found this breakfast sandwich too late into my college career to fully appreciate it.

As my non-GF boyfriend can attest, this sandwich puts all other breakfast sandwiches to shame. It’s a standard bacon, egg, and cheese, but what puts it above the rest is that Chipotle Mayo.

The mayo packs a ton of flavor, but is that because chipotle peppers carry a lot of flavor on their own? To recreate this sandwich, I needed to figure out the secret formula to the Chipotle Mayo.

Spoiler: I did it... with some help. :)

I made my first attempt that left my boyfriend and I pretty impressed.

The mayo packed heat like it typically does, but there was a certain dimension slightly missing. Maybe that's me being a perfectionist, but I knew I was close.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I found myself in State College, masked and in line for one last Sowers Chipotle Bacon Egg Sandwich. I figured it was my last chance to see what I was missing.

When it came my time to order, I confided in the cashier, telling him how I had been trying to recreate a true copycat of the Chipotle Mayo since I was moving out of State College.

Without skipping a beat, he offered me the recipe.

I was floored, in love, and BUZZING with excitement. It truly spoke to the generosity of the Sowers staff.

So, I am honoring the holy grounds of that fine establishment with this post. We may not be able to visit our beloved Sowers, but here’s a way to get your fill with an almost indistinguishable copycat.


I am not a critically acclaimed chef nor am I trying to come across as such. I write my recipes with a candid, imperfect tone because I’m learning and so are you.

I am a firm believer in empowering a cook instead of telling them exactly what to do. So, there is no intricate description like every other mommy blog you come across. I just share the ingredients I use and the gist of how I put it all together.

If you ever have a question, hmu.


Chipotle Mayo Recipe will serve an army. You will have plenty leftover for future sandwiches.

Egg Sandwich Recipe is vague for you to figure out how many you are serving. I believe in you.



*So I don’t put their homemade mayo on blast, I’m going to share the elements I figured out in detail and the secret ingredients I didn't without measurements.

- 4 cups mayo

- 2 tbs water

- 2 (7oz) cans chipotle peppers, if in adobo sauce, rinse them off with water

- 2 tbs sugar

- ¼ tsp salt

(the ingredients I missed)

- lime juice

- garlic salt

- smoked paprika


- bread, toasted

- butter

- egg

- bacon, cooked

- cheddar cheese, sandwich slice


For the Chipotle Mayo:

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend until thoroughly combined. Done.

For the Egg Sandwich:

1. Cook your egg in butter over medium heat. Cut the heat, add the cooked bacon and cheddar cheese on top, and cover with a lid to melt the cheese. Yum.

2. Toast your bread.

3. Spread a big dollop on the Chipotle Mayo on both pieces of toast. Throw the egg, bacon, and cheese on your toast and voila.


Why is it not a 10/10?

Because I used the exact Chipotle Mayo recipe, it was an amazing copycat, obviously. But, you can’t beat fresh.

I know as a GF consumer, the bread they use is so much better than just about every single type of GF bread brand I’ve tried. I'm almost certain they make their bread in-house.

While I have adopted this sandwich into my rotation of breakfast meals, I will certainly still be headed to Sowers whenever I visit Dear Old State.

Enjoy the recipe, and let me know how it turns out! If you decide to make it, tag me @MsAceofTrades and use #HappyValleyAtHome.

Next up: The Field Burger & Tap’s Hot Chick Burger with Parmesan Truffle Fries and the Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake.

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