The PSU Podcast No One Asked For

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

To wrap up Penn State Week, I put together a podcast with my college roommate Rick, reflecting on our time at Penn State. From clown riots to our unusual college journeys, Rick and I walk through what we learned and what the next generation of Staters should know.

I'm pulling a Taylor Swift.

Out of nowhere, with no one expecting it, I just dropped a ONE episode podcast featuring my college roommate Rick. So, comparable.

And like Taylor's limited edition albums, this podcast will be available for a limited time only.

Since I'm already talking about Taylor, you can blame her for my delay in properly wrapping up Penn State Week. Once I heard news of the new album, that became a top priority over the last few days. (It was essential to my work-play-rest balance.)

ANYWAY, the whole idea behind the podcast was that I wanted to share a bit about my college experience as I just graduated this spring.

Like my About Me video I modeled after Vogue's 73 Questions, I wanted to create something unique for this. You can google, YouTube search, or Pinterest search this topic and you will find plenty of basic content. That stuff is just boring.

Once the creative juices started flowing, I decided to do it podcast style. I love podcasts, it's probably my #1 channel of consumption right now, so I thought why not.

And, honestly, I had a blast doing it. My roommate and I have always had a great banter, and I loved catching up with her.

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On the podcast, Rick and I share 5 Takeaways from our time at PSU. They are a bit weird and may not make sense to you, but that's good clickbait, right??

  1. If a clown riot occurs, maybe tag along.

  2. Game Day is overrated unless you underrate it.

  3. Buy groceries with a suitcase or make your own fanny pack for THON.

  4. FOMO exists if you let it.

  5. 1 girl, big school. Finding friends is hard.

Through these 5 topics, Rick and I really dive into our lives as Penn State students. We don't pretend there weren't struggles, because there were plenty. We don't take ourselves too seriously, because we learned how detrimental that can be in college.

We're just two college g*orls imparting some "wisdom"on the next generation of Staters.


Queue it up, listen to it on your morning jog, give it a chance for 5 minutes, put it on the calendar - whatever you do, I hope you find it funny and surprisingly intriguing.

Maybe this is the inspiration and push you needed to start your own podcast! It's simple, free, and a fun little project.

After this experience, I can see why people are creating podcasts like crazy now. Although this was a one-time thing, who knows what AOAT has in store for the future.

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