Inside My Sister’s 2000’s Rom Com-Themed Bachelorette Weekend

Tackling a Bachelorette Weekend in the middle of a pandemic was no easy feat, but with a totally fetch theme and a great team, we were able to create a playful and memorable experience for our guests and bride-to-be.

My sister Joanna and I sat on opposite ends of our parent’s living room, finally confronting the fact that my sister Jackie’s looming Bachelorette Weekend was largely unplanned. We had 2 weeks left.

To Joanna’s credit, she did order quite a few things before this conversation; coordinating pajamas, champagne balloons, and hilarious tattoos of Jackie’s fiancé’s face. What she didn’t have was our theme and that would open a BIG can of worms.

I’m not really sure where the idea came from, but I remember sitting with Joanna and randomly thinking about the movie 13 Going on 30. This was one of Jackie’s favorite movies growing up.

In the movie, the main prop element is Jenna’s Dream House. Jenna’s friend and future hubby makes her this detailed, personalized doll house for her 13th birthday; it's really adorable. When the movie idea surfaced in my mind, I instantly shot out the idea of creating “Jackie’s Dream House” with similar details that were tailored to her.

Why not have a 13 Going on 30 themed Bachelorette Weekend? Or, better yet, why not expand it to a 2000’s Rom Com themed Bachelorette Weekend; a weekend full of references to movies of Jackie’s youth?!

Our ideas began to snowball.

You may be wondering, why did you create a theme if Joanna already had Bachelorette Party décor? This is a valid question (that my mother did pose to us), but here are the 3 reasons why we decided to go for it:

  1. Once we had the 2000’s Rom Com idea, we couldn’t shake it. Even though some previous purchases wouldn’t work with the new theme, it was SO worth it for the sake of the new theme’s potential.

  2. Although Jackie (the bride) wanted to have a bunch of girls present, she didn’t want to be the center of attention the whole time. By having a fun theme, we were able to create decorations and games that were about Rom Coms. That way we could take the focus off of Jackie for some moments.

  3. Since we were hosting a Bachelorette Weekend in the midst of a pandemic, we knew most of the weekend would be spent in the house. Because of this, we wanted to create a really engaging atmosphere in the house. And that we did.

So, with only two weeks to go, Joanna and I set out on our mission to bring this theme to life. Our preparation was filled with daily Snapchat video calls and A LOT of express shipping.

For the rest of this post, I want to walk you through some of our favorite details we created for the weekend. Enjoy!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful night? Or, have you seen the video tour/bedside chat with me in my newly transformed room? I can't provide the night, but I can provide the video HERE!


Background: For Jackie’s Bachelorette Weekend, we had 15 girls staying a beach house from Friday to Sunday. Prior to the weekend, we had all of the girls get tested for COVID to be good citizens and avoid Rona worries.

Below you will find a list of 7 details from the weekend; decorations, communications, games, etc.


The day after we picked the theme, I put together this one-pager that fully communicated everything we were planning for the girls. With a group as big as Jackie's, we wanted to make sure everyone was in the know.

I created this one-pager using a combination of Photoshop and Canva. Do you spot the movie references?


In the goodie bags for the ladies, we included a variety of items that would be used throughout the weekend as well as little on-theme gifts. Here is what we included in the bags:

  • Itinerary for the Weekend (see #3)

  • “Bride Tribe” Cup

  • Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray (because we were at the beach)

  • Beauty Blender

  • PJs that matched the group


Here is the itinerary that the ladies received for the weekend. We very loosely stuck to it throughout the weekend, but it was a cute detail. Can you spot the 2000’s Rom Com references? (I'm starting to feel like T Swift with all of these Easter Eggs.)

4. JACKIE'S DREAM HOUSE (13 Going on 30)

Since Jackie’s favorite Rom Com is 13 Going on 30, we wanted to play on a lot of the details from that movie specifically.

We created a photo wall with the quote “let’s put some life back into the magazine”, a Poise magazine with Jackie as the cover girl with funny, relevant headlines (including an exclusive interview with the Ace of All Trades), and, as you see below, Jackie’s Dream House complete with her fiancé and childhood crush Josh Hutcherson. Kudos to Joanna for a spot-on replica.


For Jackie's wedding, her top priority was finding an amazing photographer to capture the day. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to create a spot where we could get some awesome photographs from the weekend.

Set out on this mission, with my mother’s blessing, I ordered the circular arch that you see in the image below. We looked at the arch as an investment for our family. Next year alone Jackie will be having a shower and wedding reception, so we knew we would get use out of it. You can find the exact arch HERE.

After taking to Pinterest... for longer than I would like to admit, I found a cascading balloon design that I modelled my arch off of. I found this balloon kit on Etsy, and it was fairly simple to put together. (The only negative was that the balloons started to shrink after 24 hours.) You can find it HERE.

Finally, I decided to add the fringe-like streamers to fill the empty space in the arch. This was a last-minute call, and I’m so happy I did it. I think the whole thing came together really nicely. Everyone thought it was beautiful.


On Friday night, to kick off the weekend, we asked the girls to wear something pink, going off of the iconic Mean Girls quote: “on Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Although this bullet is as simple as that, I wanted to note how easy and effective this was at tying the theme all together. Typically for a Bachelorette party, the bride’s tribe will wear one color, and the bride will wear white. This was our on-theme version of that, and it was really cute.


Throughout the weekend, we had a bunch of games planned to keep the girls entertained (and in case it rained). Some of the games we played were Family Feud (Bachelorette Edition), Pictionary (Bachelorette Edition), and the Soon-to-be-Newlyweds Game. Joanna and Jackie’s friend Noelle created these games for the weekend.

My contribution was my "Around the 2000’s Rom Com Pub Trivia". I binge-watched Rom Com’s for a week straight and created 5 rounds of Rom Com-filled questions. This was a fun little reprieve from other bachelorette-themed games.

How do you think you would have done? Check out the Round 1 Questions below!

And finally, to get the WHOLE picture, check out the video tour of the Bachelorette Weekend house I made for my IGTV! Like a classic MTV Cribs episode, I walk you through the whole house.

Enjoy the video HERE.

Putting this weekend together was just FUN.

I know the language choice is subpar, but it really was so much fun coming up with ideas, putting the vision together, working alongside my sister Joanna who I haven’t been able to see due to the pandemic, and seeing Jackie’s genuine reaction to all of our hard work.

With the pandemic postponing plans right and left, it was a great feeling to still come together in celebration of Jackie’s wedding.

Although you might not having a Bachelorette party coming up, what is something exciting you have coming up that you can plan for? Maybe the thing you’re thinking of is in 5 years. Whatever it is, take some of my inspiration and run with it.

Jot down some ideas, create a Pinterest board, whatever! There is so much fulfillment to be found in the process, not the end result. With confidence, I can say that this Bachelorette celebration was an example of just that.

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