#AceOnAce with the Creator of Syd’s Vids

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Sydney is a sarcastic college vlogger with serious video editing skills. She is the second spotlight of the #AceOnAce Series, and a wonderful example of someone who follows their passion unapologetically.

Imagine posting a video on YouTube and waking up the next day to over 700,000 views.

Working out of her freshman dorm room, this was the experience of Sydney, the creator of Syd’s Vids.

Coming from a passion for video editing, Sydney creates quirky videos for college students looking for advice or free entertainment. Some of her videos include “I rant about school and unpack for 10 minutes straight”, “a productive and spicy college day in my life (vlog)”, and “trying to spend all my college meal points in one day”.

Her content is pretty simple but it’s what she brings to the table that attracts such a large, committed following. And when I say large and committed, I mean LARGE and COMMITTED.

Syd’s Vids has almost a quarter-of-a-million YouTube subscribers and, collectively, millions of views.

Sydney is funny and talented, but what sets her apart from other YouTubers is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. The tone of her videos is casual and transparent. It feels like she’s creating her content for you and for your entertainment.

The proof is in the pudding – or the penn state creamery ice cream (we’re✌🏻) – and that is why she is a YouTube Ace.

While Sydney has found her stride in college vlogging and advice, she actually started her channel making beauty and clothing haul videos.

Although this really wasn’t her passion, she explained “I really only saw girls who were making fashion and makeup videos, and although I was interested in that, it definitely wasn’t my #1 passion at the time. I kind of just decided that that was the way to fit into the mold and start a channel.”

Through this, however, Sydney was able to find what she really enjoyed. She reflected on this saying, “I kind of just fell in love with it – not necessarily the fashion and makeup part but the creative process of editing the videos, putting together the footage, deciding what was funny, and posting it for everyone.”

Let’s face it guys, in order to find your stride, or find your Ace, it takes trial and error. You can’t find what you’re good at unless you put yourself out there. And in Sydney’s case, this is meant literally.

When it comes to trying a new hobby, many times we create or do something in our own personal lives and maybe we’ll post an Instagram story of how it went. As a YouTube content creator, Sydney allows everyone to see what she’s doing, and that created some difficulties when she first started.

I’m not talking about internet trolls. I’m talking about the judgement from people she already knew.

Syd’s Vids is actually Sydney’s second YouTube channel that she started going into high school. She created her first channel when she was in 6th grade.

“Let me explain that pretty much no one followed this account. I think by the end, I had 120 subscribers... I actually ended up stopping because some girls at my middle school found out about it and were trying to make it this big embarrassing thing. So, I actually I quit.”

Ah, don’t we just love middle school girls…

“I knew when I stopped and deleted my channel in 6th grade that I was really upset about it because it was my passion. So, I made a little vow to myself in middle school that I would never let them get to me ever again. Whenever I came back, I just said ‘screw it.’ You know, if someone has something bad to say about it, good for them.”

I think we can all relate to being belittled or talked down to when we have thought of pursing a passion. When we decide to honor that passion, that is when we can find the most fulfillment.

When Sydney decided to get back on YouTube, she found self-assuredness, success, and a troupe of people who care about her.

Let’s talk about that troupe.

Sydney has around 60,000 people that actively interact with her platforms. They watch her videos, comment on videos, follow her on social, the whole bit.

This is something I found so interesting.

When I spoke to Sydney about her followers, she spoke in a way that made it seem like they have such an intimate relationship. Not only do they religiously follow her content, but they feel like they really know her.

There’s this crazy dichotomy between the fact that they know so much about her while she knows very little about them. When she is focusing on schoolwork and won’t be able to post a video, they respond and assure her that that’s totally okay. When she mistakenly forgot to blur out her boyfriend in one video, the comments were flooded with hot takes on it.

Her followers are engaged and loyal. Sydney has singlehandedly yet unintentionally created a community connected by her life.

While this provides a great support system for her to pursue her passion, it can also be stressful trying to meet expectations and take care of the work, play, rest balance in life.

When Sydney and I talked about this, she described her passion in a way that was teetering that “Double Agent” hobby status.

For those that haven’t downloaded the Find Your Ace Assessment and Plan yet, that just means a hobby that becomes really consuming of your time and energy to the point where you no longer find the same inspiration from it.

She explained, “It’s really hard to find balance between [work, play, and rest] and also adding in mental health. Freshman year things were going well, so YouTube came a lot more easily. But then, Sophomore year rolled around, and I was ‘going through it’ a bit more.

It was a struggle to do anything, and YouTube took a hit from that. If I’m not in the right mental state, it becomes much harder to film and edit a video because I’m not feeling funny, or I’m not 100% in it.”

Through that experience, and with the help of the Q, she has been able to learn the importance of structure in her life.

This battle to find time for play and rest will always be a challenge in our lives, but the sooner we can acknowledge and plan for it, the better. That is exactly why this blog stresses the journey of being an Ace. Ironically, her latest video talks about this struggle during her sophomore year.

Through her ability to take care of her mental health and not be so hard on herself, Sydney has been able to stay inspired and continue to inspire.

As I have done with every conversation in this series, I ended it by asking her what she thought of the word Ace and what it meant to her to be called an "Ace of YouTube".

Her response really spoke to who she is; candid and modest.

“My first impression is to reject [being called an Ace] because I think there’s always room for growth. Maybe it seems like I’m an Ace, but I’m just never the person to consider myself an Ace of anything.”

She continued, “there are many Aces in every sort of field because you are always looking up to someone and even if you’re considered the ‘best’ at something, there’s always something more for you out there.”

I think Sydney’s story can be quite convincing of just that.

Sydney is a Youtube creating, video editing, advice giving Ace. She follows her passion unapologetically and has found community and fulfillment through her craft.

I think we can all find inspiration in how something so simple like making a video in your college dorm room can become something much more.

She didn’t buy all the fancy stuff along the way, she just did with what she had and did it well.

I hope that her story can inspire you to let go and get creative with your life. Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

Sydney's Instagram: @miss_sydney18

Check out Sydney’s Youtube Channel HERE.

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Sydney, from your fellow Penn Stater and Sapphire, I am so excited to see where the rest of your college career takes you. As a girl in her early 20’s, you have the special gift of not giving an F about what other people think (I CHAMPION this). You’re a great role model for your followers, and I wish you continued success.

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