#AceOnAce with Mikey Robins

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The #AceOnAce Series begins with Mikey Robins; professional chef, event planner, and TV/media personality. I interviewed Mikey to get a glimpse into what has made him the Ace he is today, experienced yet game to grow.

I am unbelievably excited to kick off the #AceOnAce Series with someone who I consider to be the ideal model of an Ace.

He is someone who emits so much passion for his craft, is highly cognizant of the importance of growth on his journey, and prioritizes and promotes a healthy balance between work, play, and rest.

Without further ado, I would like to spotlight professional chef, event planner, and TV personality Mikey Robins.

*No, not the old Australian comedian that appears in your Google search – THE Mikey Robins.

Mikey is a multifaceted Ace. While he’s not in production shooting content for the culinary world, he is off planning events for A-list celebrities.

Mikey has appeared on multiple Food Network cooking competitions like Chopped (where, at the time, he was crowned the youngest winner in the show’s history), the Great Food Truck Race, Kitchen Inferno, and the Big Bake.

On the event planning side, he has put together events for celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Wolfgang Puck, and Martha Stewart. You know, just casual things.

When I look at someone I consider to be an Ace, the first thing I want to know is their “why.” For Mikey, it was his family’s knack for entertaining that ignited the spark for his cooking and event planning passion.

He explained, “Being in a kitchen and entertaining others was what I grew up seeing, and then [I] transitioned that into a career as a chef and an event planner. Growing up in that kind of household enabled me to see food and events and entertaining as a form of love.”

And he has certainly brought that love in cooking and event planning to the table.

Mikey has had the opportunity to work as an Event Lead for multiple events at Food Network’s Food and Wine Festival in New York City. These events gave him the ability to work and network with great people all while doing it for a great cause, No Kid Hungry.

With such a busy lifestyle and demanding career, I asked Mikey how he finds balance between work, play, and rest; an idea integral to the blog’s mission.

His secret? Self-care.

He spoke to it, saying, “We schedule the rest of our lives and I think it’s essential to also schedule time for self-care because burnout is real. You can’t be the best version of yourself unless you're practicing self-care… whether it’s 20 minutes a day or 10 minutes every hour or 5 minutes after a phone call.”

If you’ve read this blog, you know that I echo this. I believe our ability to reach our highest level of fulfillment comes from within. How do we know what we need, if we don’t take the time to listen to ourselves?

And, might I add, how do we know our potential if we don’t try new things?

With this question in mind, I asked Mikey if he had any side hobbies and creative outlets. I wanted to know if he found the same value in it that I have found in my own life.

For someone so busy in not one but two passions, I was surprised to hear that he did set aside time for a different creative outlet. “During this quarantine time, I’ve also started painting. It’s a new outlet that I never knew I liked. I’m no Picasso, but it’s definitely fun and definitely something new.”

He went on to say, “I agree it’s essential to find things that spark your creativity and spark imagination because life can become so monotonous if you let it but creativity and finding outlets to improve yourself really help.”

Mikey understands the need for balance in life and is willing to make the time to find it.

At the end of our conversation, I wanted to address the title of this series: #AceOnAce. What's so amazing about the word Ace is that everyone has their own interpretation of its meaning.

Sometimes people can feel funny when you call them an Ace, but Mikey interpreted its meaning and my mission in a really beautiful way that I think accurately sums up this series, and the blog for that matter.

“I think the coolest thing about an Ace is the fact that there can be a thousand event planning Aces. That’s why I love the word ‘Ace’ and how it’s not like ‘the best’ or ‘the champion’ or ‘the one and only’ because in this industry, and any industry, there’s room for all of us…we’re learning from each other, we’re growing with each other.

Take this and apply it to your own passion. Unceasingly pursue growth. Know that there is plenty of room and opportunity for you to find your niche.

It’s truly inspiring to see someone like Mikey transcend his passion into his career. Mikey is a unique spotlight for this series because his passion, or his Ace, is his career entirely.

I know that’s not the case for everyone. I have many passions that lie outside of my career, and this blog is a start.

But if there is anything you can learn from this spotlight on Mikey, it is to own your passion and pursue it unapologetically. Do it for you and your fulfillment.

I’ll leave you with Mikey’s words: “You need to learn at least one thing every single day because if you stop learning, you stop growing.”

Mikey's Instagram: @mikey_robins


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Mikey, from this old childhood friend, I am inspired by your excellence, passion, and kindness. Here’s to MUCH more success on your Ace journey.

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