The #AceOnAce Series is Here.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The #AceOnAce Series highlights Aces in their twenties who have found their niche and have proven they have some serious talent. Each week for 4 weeks, I will be posting a spotlight on a different Ace to share their story.

When the blog was in development a couple weeks back, one of the ideas I had that got me really excited for its potential was the concept I called the #AceonAce Series.

I didn’t want this blog to be my thoughts going into a vacuum; I wanted to provide legitimate resources for my community and amplify the voices of other individuals who find a similar passion and desire for creativity.

The Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan accomplishes the first. This series accomplishes the second.

The #AceOnAce Series is a four-part series where I will be highlighting the voices of individuals who have found an Ace and excelled.

Some of them have made a career out of their Ace and some have pursued it alongside other pursuits. All of them are extremely talented, hardworking bad asses.

It’s amazing how hearing the stories of those who have succeeded can fuel a desire in us; a desire to try something new, go back to something we once loved, or reflect on our own trajectory.

In other words, are we allowing ourselves to pursue a passion? This doesn’t necessarily mean with regards to a 9-to-5 but in life in general.

Through this series you will learn my friends' stories, what has inspired them, how they find the work, play, rest balance in their lives, and what being an Ace means to them.

Coming from the girl who spoke to each of them, I am in awe of their modesty and compelled by their passion.

The 4 Aces are a secret until their posts are live, but here is a little teaser of who will be a part of the series.

The first spotlight is a talented, entertaining individual with a knack for cooking, event planning, and appearing on Food Network. They are full of life and a joy to talk to.

This post is now live and you can view it here!

The second highlight is a sarcastic college vlogger with killer video editing skills. They have established themselves among the rest with almost 700,000 Youtube subscribers that actively engage with their content. This post is now live and you can view it here!

The third individual is an INCREDIBLY talented and humble artist who creates portraits of your favorite music artists and more. You will be in awe once you see their work. This post is now live and you can view it here!

The fourth spotlight, last but certainly not least, is an amazing florist with an eye for straight-up BEAUTIFUL design. This individual learned to juggle a full-time career while being a full-time student and flourished. This post is now live and you can view it here!

I would be remised if I didn't acknowledge my Aces for their willingness to speak with me and share their stories. I am so appreciative and excited for what is to come.

So, are you excited now?! I must say I am BUZZING writing this and all of the posts to come.

Keep checking back to the blog and my Instagram because the series kicks off this weekend! Set a reminder and see ya back here then.

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