So…Why Is It Called the Ace of All Trades?

My title as the "Ace of All Trades" does NOT mean I am claiming to be an expert on everything. *GASP* Yeap, that's right. This blog takes our normal understanding of the phrase and flips it on its head. This post explains how and why.

Alright, confession time.

The other day, when I was putting together a piece I had been working on for the blog, it hit me that I never really made it clear why the blog was entitled “Ace of All Trades.”

I have made it clear that I have coupled the term “Ace” with a hobby or leisure activity, and I think finding an Ace in life is unsuspectingly critical for a multitude of reasons (reference the Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan).

What has remained somewhat a mystery is why I’m the “Ace of All Trades.” On the surface, that seems like a pretty bold claim.

Let me entertain what I can imagine to be some of your guesses.

Maybe she wanted to keep the Ace name following her last blog? That is true.

Since it's like a hobby blog, maybe she has a plethora of hobbies? Also, true.

So, maybe she thinks she's an expert on a bunch of hobbies? Not true. Not at all.

I’m doing something unconventional with this blog. First, I’m flipping the term Ace on its head and, second, I’m tackling a “niche” that has a massive scope.

You’re probably scratching your head after reading that. Let me explain.

(1) I’m flipping the term Ace on its head.

Notice how throughout this entire blog, I consistently refer to the word Ace with a capitalized “A.” This is not a typo. I do this to put emphasis on my special way of defining the word.

To me, an Ace is someone who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in something. It does not mean the best. It is not mutually exclusive.

I believe that it is someone who gives themselves the permission to have experiences, to focus on their betterment through a craft, and uses their craft as a channel to find fulfillment.

That can be intellectual, financial, occupational…hmm is this sounding like the 8 Dimensions of Wellness??? (That’s explained in the FYA packet – see it’s all coming together.)

I have constantly been on my own Ace journey. To what specifically? Well, a lot.

(2) I’m tackling a “niche” that has a massive scope.

You’re told all the time that you need to find your one niche. Don’t spread yourself too thin, and focus on getting really good at one or two things.

I think this is legitimate, but I have always found it particularly difficult in my life.

I have a constant desire to try new things and challenge myself. This is especially evident when it comes to my hobbies.

I have a few hobbies that have spanned most of my life; like cooking, singing, and playing sudoku; but there are many that have come during a particular moment in my life.

Having so many interests has actually been incredibly healthy for me. My collection of hobbies has become my resume of experiences, and I love that.

My hobbies have made me who I am; the mom of the friends group that gives heartfelt gifts, the roommate that makes her roomie’s Halloween costume, the daughter that helps her mother get dinner on the table with a surprise dessert to follow, and the girlfriend that keeps her boyfriend on his toes with all of her crazy ideas.

My niche is trying hobbies.

I want to inspire others to try new hobbies, to provide resources that empower this community to try, and to show how hobbies can bring fulfillment.

That is my mission. And that is why I am the Ace of All Trades.

My passion consumes a multitude of niches. I may not be an expert in one, but I am fulfilled by them all.

And so, when I push you guys to try and find your Ace, it’s about pushing you to find something new or to rediscover something that once brought you joy.

For many of you, one hobby might be perfect, and I want to give you the support for that Ace journey. For others, you might have found a bunch of hobbies, and I am also giving you support in that Ace journey.

Remember, an Ace isn’t the best; an Ace works to get better and to excel. For this blog, hobbies are the channel, and fulfillment is the goal.

P.S. If you’re interested in finding out more about my hobbies, past and current, there will be a post up next week in all of its embarrassing glory. Some of the things I have attempted are QUITE hilarious. God bless young Jessica Noel 😂


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