99 UNIQUE Things To Do in Quarantine

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Tired of coming across "Things To Do When You're Bored" blog articles or Youtube videos that creatively suggest that you "FaceTime a friend" or "put together a puzzle?"

Enough with the clickbait! I want FRESH ideas.

From the girl who has been homebound with the task of entertaining herself for significant amounts of time prior to this pandemic, I'm the one you want to hear from.

I have compiled a list of 99 things you can do during this time of quarantine. Although they vary from practically no effort to a significant amount of effort, all are very possible. Going through the list, I have completed 42 already.

So, enough with the introduction. Scroll and get inspired.

Just because we're home, it does not mean we cannot be productive, try new things, and have fun.

Here are 99 unique things you can do in quarantine:

  1. Bring back that forever unfinished project (a t-shirt quilt, a recipe book).

  2. Start a virtual book club.

  3. Keep a diary to vent your quarantine emotional roller coaster.

  4. Create a bangin' quarantine playlist for every mood.

  5. Make meals for medical professionals / those that are sick / those still working.

  6. Dye your hair, or your mom's hair.

  7. Practice meditation and see how long you can keep your mind clear.

  8. Create a motivated workout routine. Partner with a friend and snapchat each other your daily mile times or schedule 5-minute yoga breaks throughout the work day.

  9. Create a post-quarantine bucket list.

  10. Plant a garden.

  11. Play your own version of America's Next Top Model. Create photoshoot themes (specific color, use a prop, active gear) and battle it out. My three sister and I did this wayyyy too often.

  12. Create a drinking game for your current tv show binge.

  13. Turn your den into a home theatre; no phones, lights off, and A LOT of over-buttered popcorn.

  14. Reorganize you closet and/or purge your closet of those "maybe I'll have a time to wear it" garments.

  15. Create an at-home escape room. Yes, I've done this.

  16. Tan in the backyard, on the porch, on the balcony, or on the roof of your complex.

  17. Draw a bubble bath.

  18. Create a mood board or collage.

  19. Write a letter to someone you love. Not an email, a LETTER.

  20. Create an at-home mini golf course.

  21. Learn something new (piano, a language, some factual evidence behind the news we hear).

  22. Throw a silent virtual rave with noise cancelling headphones and a shared playlist.

  23. Backup your phone and photos. I know you don't want to, but you should.

  24. Read the book you've been waiting to read. Or listen to the audiobook.

  25. Take a legit nap; phone away, timer on.

  26. Have a Zoom game night with friends.

  27. Stretch and get that split, oooo!

  28. Make a charcuterie board with whatever's in the quarantine pantry.

  29. Make a scrapbook with old photos.

  30. Clear the clutter under the bed…I'm still guilty.

  31. Create a time capsule. (I would definitely throw in the old electronics that no one in my house knows how to recycle.)

  32. Devote time to prayer.

  33. Complete the Find Your Ace Assessment & Plan on the blog!

  34. Play poker and gamble with the last few desserts left in the house.

  35. Paint wall art for your room.

  36. Make a t-shirt quilt.

  37. Make your own face masks.

  38. Swap top movie lists with friends and watch the movies you haven’t seen.

  39. Listen to a new podcast. Throwing a nod to my girl Rachel Hollis.

  40. Write notes of positivity for yourself or for your family.

  41. Create passive income. (Enter a high-yield account, a blog??)

  42. Take a bartending crash course.

  43. Take an inventory count of the pantry. You may be shocked to find something that expired in 2013...like I was.

  44. Play sudoku (WOOHOO) or other logic-based puzzles.

  45. Give yourself a spa day.

  46. Rescue a pet!

  47. Create and deliver a handmade gift for someone celebrating a special occasion during the quarantine.

  48. Reach out to an old friend and really focus on the conversation at hand.

  49. Throw it back to Disney Channel Online Games. To all you Sandwich Stacker lovers, you're welcome.

  50. Create a budget spreadsheet. If you don't have one yet, it is probably time that you should.

  51. Watch an entire movie series (HP, HG, Twilight lol).

  52. Rearrange the furniture.

  53. Have a virtual draft of random categories like Disney movies, chain restaurants, or notorious figures.

  54. Write and perform a roast for your friends via Zoom.

  55. Try out meal prep recipes for when you need them.

  56. Take a stab at a viral TikTok challenge.

  57. Whip out the old Wii or PS2.

  58. Develop a time-bound career goal.

  59. Play karaoke over video chat or with the family.

  60. Start a bullet journal.

  61. Pull a Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica: try on a fancy dress (wedding dress), eat snacks, pull out some booz, and reflect on your Ace Status.

  62. Follow a dance workout video. Check out my boy Joseph with his Broadway workouts.

  63. Purge your phone apps.

  64. Read a horror novel to remind you of what else is scary besides corona:)

  65. Webkinz anyone?

  66. Dig out old PC games from your childhood or download compatible versions online (Sims or Roller Coaster Tycoon, anyone?)

  67. Have a Zoom PowerPoint Party: create and share a PowerPoint on any topic. I think I would title mine "How to Get Repeated Concussions Without Being Athletic."

  68. Have an at-home Chopped competition. Read about my attempt here.

  69. Clean your makeup brushes!!!

  70. Create a spreadsheet of your professional network. Who should you make an effort to keep in touch with? How often?

  71. Wash the car and clean the inside.

  72. Don't forget to file your taxes :)

  73. Watch a TED Talk for intellectual stimulation.

  74. Have a fancy dinner at home.

  75. Take the "Quiet Place" challenge for a day (no talking, no noises).

  76. Have a tech-free day. YES, it is very possible; reference item #67 for how I know.

  77. Practice makeup looks for when you're back in the game.

  78. Parkore!

  79. Start a blog (wink, wink).

  80. Upcycle old furniture.

  81. Update your resume or LinkedIn. Can you tell I have a business degree?

  82. Attempt to create your own Secret Krabby Patty Formula.

  83. Create an obstacle course for your pet.

  84. Make a music video like the good old Mac photo booth times.

  85. Partake in an at-home Painting with a Twist class or just video chat and paint with friends.

  86. Become a baking pro.

  87. Plan your next party theme (for after the Q, of course).

  88. Binge watch a tv show from your childhood. You can now understand the adult humor references!

  89. Camp out in the backyard and check out the astronomy forecast ahead of time.

  90. Take a new headshot.

  91. Online shop. Support businesses, but don't lose sight of what you've got.

  92. Try a new hairstyle or finally learn to french braid.

  93. Host family olympics with Minute to Win it Games, Egg Toss, and a race around the neighborhood.

  94. Play indoor volleyball with a balloon.

  95. Organize your digital photo library by event.

  96. Make s'mores using the fireplace, the gas stove, or the broiler.

  97. Relive a favorite album and blast it straight through. @MyJuniorYearOfHighSchoolMixCD

  98. Watch old home videos from your childhood.

  99. Keep reading the Ace of All Trades Blog :)

Now go on, take the inspiration and run!

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