20 Self-Care Questions to Ask Yourself Today

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

"Life is always going to pull at you to tell you to start the ignition with an almost empty tank of gas. When the car’s on “E”, it cannot properly function and neither can you."

A big concept that drives the mission of this blog is the ability to Find Your Ace, or find your path to fulfillment through hobbies and productivity.

In order to do just that, there's a critical step that is required before.

To find your ace, you first need to give yourself the permission to care for your personal wellbeing.

I’ll make a bold but true statement and say that this entire blog is dependent on that permission you give yourself.

What is so beautiful about that is that you are here, reading this right now. You acknowledge that your personal wellbeing is worth reflecting on. Kuddos to you on your Ace journey:)

Life is always going to pull at you to tell you to start the ignition with an almost empty tank of gas. When the car’s on “E”, it cannot properly function and neither can you. I would like to refer to this as burnout.

The only way to avoid burnout, or the feeling that life keeps moving and you can’t keep up, is being your own advocate; bringing it all together now, allowing yourself to care for yourself.

This is not groundbreaking, but it’s far too unspoken.

I’m learning that as you age, no one is going to ask less of you; bills on bills, work on work, and an increased effort to stay connected with others just to name a few things.

For me, I acknowledge that I already have workaholic tendencies. That in combination with more stuff to do is straight toxic. I realized this when I felt like I was missing out on life; on simple joys and social camaraderie. I had to make a major shift in my mentality.

Enter: the Care Elements.

I’m going to walk you through “care elements” that I, along with many others, find critical. I patched together this list from a plethora of self-help sources I’ve followed over my entire college career.

Instead of throwing my life experience at you, I want you to reflect on yourself. Too often we hear accounts of how other people succeed, but I want you to understand how you can.

Ask yourself the following questions, and follow each with a simple: “why?” Reflect on your current habits as well as those you maintained pre-quarantine.

1. Sleep

- Is your sleep routine consistent?

- Do you get a full night’s rest (7 – 9hrs)?

- Do you feel like your sleep routine provides the energy you need to get through the day?

2. Rest

Sleep is rest, but rest is not always sleep.

- Do you give yourself breaks throughout the day? (i.e. to step outside or to clear your mind)

- Have you ever scheduled time for self-reflection or meditation? Do you do it regularly?

- Is your energy spent before the end of the day?

- When you physically rest, do you allow your mind to rest?

3. Nutrition

- Do you have a consistent meal pan (3 meals a day or otherwise)?

- Are you eating crap too often?

- Are you getting enough fruits & veggies – the stuff that will make you feel good and give you stamina?

4. Hydration

- Are you drinking enough water? (It is said the ideal amount is half your body weight in ounces.)

Ace commentary: I often find this question unrealistic, but just the thought pushes me to get better at staying hydrated. I’m not amazing at it, but I am getting better.

5. Movement

*Notice it doesn’t say exercise.

- Do you get up and move around every. single. day? (i.e. chasing the dog around the yard or walking with friends)

- Do you prioritize your physical health? Does it mean something to you?

- Are you experiencing “couch potato” symptoms? (i.e. spending too much time in one spot, skipping potty breaks)

6. Time

Every yes to one thing is a no to something else. Think about it.

- Do you allow yourself to say “no” to things that are not to your betterment?

- Do you allow yourself to say “yes” to things that may bring you more fulfillment?

- Do you allow yourself to focus on things that make you happy? Are you spending too much time on things that don’t?

These are the questions that have helped me to find more peace in my life.

I encourage you to reflect on them further beyond this moment. Write down the questions that felt personal to your growth so you can remind yourself of them. I’m not being idealistic; I literally have multiple on my wall right now.

If there ever was a right time to reflect on your priorities and how you support yourself, I think 2020 is it. Remember that what happens in life is out of your control but how you prepare for it is not.


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