What I'm Working On

I couldn’t claim to be the Ace of All Trades if I didn’t always have a project in my back pocket. Here’s my proof.


Do you ever get involved in a project or idea that becomes your obsession where you wake up with ideas and have to hush them by bedtime? Maybe it’s just an Ace thing, but I am LOVING my current project: my sister Jackie’s bachelorette party.


I am helping my sister Joanna, who is the Maid-of-Honor, put together a very fun, themed Bachelorette Weekend. For fear that Jackie will see this column, I cannot share the planning. However, I can tell you that this may be the most extra bachelorette celebration you’ll ever see.


The cliché decorations are cute and all, but we wanted to step up the standard and create a theme that we knew Jackie would love. Since we are going with a theme, it has inspired so many ideas that we can personalize to Jackie and her ladies for all the activities we plan and decorations we create.


The Bachelorette Weekend will be next weekend so hold tight until then! Look out for an Instagram video next Friday, September 11th. I’ll do a walkthrough of the house with all of the decorations! YAYYYY, I CAN’T WAIT.

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What I'm Listening To

Since this is my first Food for Thought update, I thought I would share the podcast that I religiously listen to. I like going out on a limb and trying new, more niche podcasts, but here are the shows that I listen to often. And by often I mean daily or weekly.



with Dax Shepard

Episode Shoutout: EP29 Mila Kunis

AE is what got me into podcasts. Period.


Dax Shepard is hilarious. While he is quite good at interviewing the celebrities and experts that come on his show, his banter with his partner Monica Padman is so entertaining.


What really gets me is how he always pulls out these wild life experiences out of nowhere. There are over 200 episodes and he still seems to bring new content to the table.

If you want to listen to refined yet nonsensical dialogue to fill some time (episodes are almost 2 hours long), check out the Armchair Expert Podcast.



with Rachel Hollis

Episode Shoutout: EP152 Liz Gilbert

Ladies, if you’re looking for tools to help you on your personal growth journey, head on over to the RISE podcast with Rachel Hollis.


Rachel was a blogger turned best-selling author with her book Girl, Wash Your Face. What I find so compelling about the podcast is the way Rachel can connect with her female audience.


Half of her episodes are interviews while others are a direct pep talk from Rach. When she discusses tips on how to stay productive or positive, it feels like she’s talking directly to you.


Maybe it’s because I’m into the personal progression of positive well-being, but her episodes are authentic and actually helpful.


If you need some inspiration to get up and be productive, check out the RISE podcast.




Here’s the deal. I had a long stretch where I ignored the news. I saw through the major news networks recognizing that they had an agenda, not a story. However, once I became a finance major and was headed for a business career, I needed to know what was going on; I couldn’t hide from it anymore.


That’s when I came across the WSJ Podcast. I threw a bunch of news podcasts at the wall, and this is the one that stuck.


The podcast produces two 15-minute long episodes each day to give you a snapshot of what’s going on in the world. While you should note it comes from a business, financial perspective, it is the most straight-shooting news outlet I have found.


If you’re tired of being told how you should feel and would prefer to hear what actually is, I suggest checking out What’s News from the Wall Street Journal.

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What I'm Reading

Updated 09.03.20

I recently took to Instagram to get some book suggestions from the Ace community. I've been dragging my feet to start a new book, but I finally purchased 3 new books that were recommended to me from you.


Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions, and here's what I'll be reading once the books come in the mail!


By Dale Carnegie


By Amber Rae


By James Clear

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